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    Message of
    Md. Sabur Khan
    Daffodil Computers Ltd.


    Daffodil has made a long-term commitment to achieving excellence in the business and services. In retrospect, Daffodil Computers Ltd. has worked hard over the last several years to become the country's number one ICT conglomerate in the country and simultaneously prime education provider of the country. We feel we are success in our mission so far and that also believe we have to work more to achieve more success and keep the pace of development process. We have been involved in more than a dozen large-scale projects, and successfully managed to construct sure solutions for ICT services and Education. Throughout this period, we have been able to meet so many people engaged in the information systems business, while participating directly in the projects, PC manufacturing, service providing, network solution, education providing and in a nutshell we have been to provide TOTAL SOLUTION. 
    We believe we have to build a strong linkage with the industry and education thus the existence shall be for long period. In this view last few years we have tried to provide our best effort to strengthen our local capability. We have developed our human resources how we can compete with the world market. I have felt deep trust, sincere encouragement, warm support, and affectionate appreciation and admiration. More often than not, they ask me if I work too much or if I have enough physical strength to carry out such endless tasks. Whenever I am asked like this, I feel a sense of satisfaction and pride. Although a lot of people have wanted to see us on the Share Market for years, we are now able to float our share in the share market. We are thankful to all of our employees, investors and well-wishers. DCL is the prime successful conglomerate to become a first public limited company that ensures investors to invest in a Total IT Solution Company. 
    I would also like to mention that so far Daffodil Group has developed lot of concerns to provide ICT solution and education. Daffodil Computers Ltd. was the first initiative of Daffodil Group and further we have introduced Daffodil Institute of Information Technology (DIIT), Daffodil Software Ltd, Daffodil Web & E-Commerce, Daffodil Multimedia Ltd., E-Securities, E-Travels, Daffodil International University, Creative International, Daffodil International College, Bangladesh Skill Development Institute and more. In abroad we have Daffodil Global Inc and an office Silicon Valley, USA. All dreams became realistic due to our endless efforts and strong commitment. 
    For the time being, this is our existing status and we have many more plans to introduce in near future. We will make revolution in the ICT sector this is our commitment. Our organizational structure is characterized by high value-added centered elitism. We are now holding a historical responsibility and we will Uphold the sense of historical responsibility in the upcoming days. We are requesting your warm encouragement and support, Good luck and all the best in all your endeavors.

    Thanking you all.
    Chairman, Daffodil Group
    Managing Director, Daffodil Computers Ltd.

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