The Daffodil Service Department (in short DSD) started out in the year 1997 with a technical team of

consisting of a number of highly experienced and elegant engineers works around the clock for customer support.

In year 2000 it owned the service authorization of Hewlett-Packard (HP) and joined in the HP DPSP (Dealer Premier Support Program) on April 2000. It also became the authorized service partner of APC (American power conversion) on 1st January 2002.
DSD was appointed as an HP authorized non-exclusive Service & delivery partner on 23 April 2003. By becoming an ASDP, DSD qualify to provide all level solution for-

  1. PSG-HP & Compaq Personal System Group
  2. IPG-HP Imaging and Printing Group
  3. ISS-HP & Compaq Industry Standard Server
  4. NSS-HP & Compaq Network Storage and System

Being an HP ASDP, DSD is entitled to provide services, within the warranty terms & conditions, to all HP customers regardless of whether the product were sold by Daffodil or otherwise.As a certificate of best service provider, it became ISO 9001:2000 on 27 January 2004. DSD is the only ISO certified service provider of BANGLADESH.

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