Bibliotheca Tattle-Tape EM Clear Detection Gate


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Bibliotheca Tattle-Tape EM Clear Detection Gate
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Key Features:
Genuine Tattle-Tape™ technology
Superior detection of items in any orientation
Integrated with libraryConnect™
Reduce unwanted alarms
Integrated, visible people counter
Sleek, modern design
Selectable alarm color and pattern
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Security System
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Brand   Bibliotheca

Basic Information


Millimetres: 70 (Max at base) x 610 x 1781 (± 3)
Inches: 2.75 (Max at base) x 24 x 72.125 (± 0.1)


Kilograms: 43
Pounds: 95

PowerSupply voltage: 100/120, 220/240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption: 3.0A / 1.5A
DataEthernet (TCP/IP)
PerformanceOptimized for detection of Tattle-Tape™ markers
Optimal coverage is achieved within 39.4 inches / 1,000 mm of separation
AlarmMulti-color*, customer selectable LED lights
Variable alarm pattern and adjustable volume
Highly visible integrated digital display to monitor alarm counts, ingoing and outgoing
patron traffic, and diagnostics
*Available colors: red, cyan, magenta, blue, green, yellow, white, & rotate mode
Standards complianceCE, RCM, ETSI, FCC, IC, ADA, DDA, ETL and CSA
Temperature rangeOperating: 10 °C to +40 °C/Storage: –40 °C to +55 °C
ConfigurationsStandard configuration can support up to 6 panels to provide total coverage of 6.0m
InstallationMultiple installation options including direct attachment to the floor with either in floor
wiring or a wire way and a baseplate option. The on-board tuning allows the gates to be
placed within 45.7cm (18”) from any metal objects, giving more freedom than ever to
install within confined areas.
SoftwareSoftware is not required for the Tattle-Tape™ gate clear to operate, however, when used
in conjunction with our staffConnect™ gate software, enhanced reporting is available
Additional featuresIntegrated bi-directional people counter.
Ability to trigger external devices such as CCTV, voice alarms and entry gates
OptionsAbility to customize ambient LED lights with 10 color options and various patterns

Reduce unwanted alarms

The Tattle-Tape™ gate clear can detect when an activated
strip is leaving the library, significantly reducing false alarms
at the gate when people enter. With multiple pedestals
used to cover a larger entrance-way, the alarm lights
on the gates also identify which aisle caused the alarm,
helping staff locate items that triggered the alarm faster.

Integrated with libraryConnect™

Staff can remotely access libraryConnect™ for in-depth
statistics and configuration options. This allows staff to
remotely upgrade firmware, run monthly reports and
change the alarm colors and patterns.

Genuine Tattle-Tape™ technology

With powerful algorithms, the genuine Tattle-Tape™
technology can distinguish between common metal
items and any EM strip to yield the most accurate results.
This means less false alarms and fewer inconveniences for
both users and staff.

Superior detection of items in any orientation

Using the latest in DSP technology, the Tattle-Tape™ gate
clear can detect EM strips regardless of the orientation
within the gates, offering the highest level of detection,
even in the nosiest of environments.

Integrated, visible people counter

The on-board bi-directional people counter accurately
counts the number of people entering and leaving the
library. This information is transferred to libraryConnect™ as
well as the control box, which has a convenient display for
quick access to live stats.

Sleek, modern design

We designed our new Tattle-Tape™ gate clear to fit within
new modern and updated library spaces. With the
complimentary mirrored finish, your security gates easily
match your library interior.

Selectable alarm color and pattern

Both visual and audible security alarm settings are
completely configurable by the library. With 8 LED color
alarms and patterns to choose from, the Tattle-Tape™
gate clear ensures both users and staff are alerted of
items that have not been properly checked out.

Customizable ambient lighting

The Tattle-Tape™ gate clear boasts an attractive and
modern ambient lighting design that illuminates the
entire panel. With a range of color options to choose
from, libraries can customize the standard ambient color
as well as the alarm color pattern. The well-lit Tattle-Tape™
gate clear adds an attractive and colorful impact at the
library entrance. With endless ambient and alarm color
combinations, choose the perfect lighting combination
for your library atmosphere.

Flexible configuration and installation

Simple set-up and maintenance allows our trained
technicians to cause little disruption to your library and staff
can quickly troubleshoot concerns with our dedicated
phone support teams.


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