eCure (Hospital & Treatment Management System)

    eCURE are synonyms of hospital digitization initiatives and facilitate hospital & treatment management system. It is a comprehensive suite of healthcare applications, designed to provide a complete solution for managing hospitals, clinics, diagnostic center, Physicians, medical group practices and pharmacies. It integrates the entire resources of a healthcare organization into one integrated software application.

    Why eCURE best?

    • Hospital & treatment information at one click
    • Facilitate timely treatment decisions
    • Sharing data between the healthcare specialists
    • Patient’s history at one place and in a click
    • Get access from anywhere and smart devices
    • Saves time & money
    • Diagnosis research
    • Medical tests reporting
    • Cabin, Bed allocation
    • Indoor & Outdoor patient management
    • Online patient access
    • Less HR but smart performance
    • Complete Treatment history
    • Analyze the Operational, Clinical and Financial Performance

    eCURE Modules:
    Patient Registration and Enquiry Management

    • Patient details Information with unique ID
    • Enquiry & View patient information
    • Patient identity card

    Patient Appointment and Outdoor Service

    • Outdoor ticket & services
    • Consultant service
    • Doctor information for outdoor treatment
    • Maintain OPD information
    • Service delivered information

    Patient Admission-Discharge Management

    • Precise Admitted Patient Data Capture
    • Patient Condition Evaluation
    • Doctors and Nursing Notes
    • Bed and Ward Allocation
    • Canceling Admission
    • Billing Facilities
    • Patient Request, Approval & Release
    • Patient Discharge and Death Certificate

    Bed Allocation &Management

    • Monitoring Bed, Room Status and Turnover
    • Housekeeping and Maintenance

    Patient Treatment and Follow-up System

    • Case history and general examination
    • Investigation and diagnosis
    • Prescription and Doctors advices
    • Daily treatment and follow up
    • Patient complains
    • Upload outside reports file

    Nursing and Ward Management

    • View Patients Daily  Treatment and Doctors Daily Advice
    • Patients Daily Follow-up and Investigation
    • Integrated Service Management

    Service Order Processing and Billing System

    • Service Information
    • Service Billing
    • Dashboard

    Patient Payment Collection System

    • Cash collection
    • Cash collection report
    • Other financial statements

    Pathology Lab Management

    • Pathology Money Receipt
    • Due Collection
    • Pathology Test Result
    • Deliver Report

    Pharmacy Management

    • Drugs Information
    • Drug Stock Management
    • Integrated e-Prescriptions
    • Item Receive & Issue
    • Sales & Sales Return Information

    Personnel Management Information System

    • Doctor and Staff information
    • User login & accessibility, password

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